– 2015 AFD Sus Tina-O

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vivacity n. 活力,魅力

on (a) par with… 与…平分秋色,与…平起平坐

– Zinnia

src = 'https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Zinnia/Quotes'

Me? I'm Zinnia. Just your regular ol' tourist, nothing more. Dreaming of taking a little trip into space... Heh. Oh, I seeeeee... So this is what has come of human technology and of hope and blood and sweat and tears and... Well, the list gets kinda long and boring. But it contains everything, huh? I know all about it. About just what kinda energy you're using to fuel this rocket thing... The abominable (adj. 令人憎恶的) technology humanity first thought up 3,000 years ago... So you're once again planning to claim that this is best for humanity, or best for the whole darn (adj. 该死的) world... It's a snap of your fingers to repeat the sins of the past. Worse, if what I overheard is true... This time, you're about to commit an error more abominable than before!

Look, I'm not here to criticize the way you guys are looking at this. But I want to be sure you've thought this through well and good. You know, there are necessary sacrifices, and there are unnecessary sacrifices. What a disappointment! This is the best you could do with all your knowledge and technology? Instead of trying to make something outta nothing, you'd rather repeat the mistakes of the past, straight up? No, you're gonna add new mistakes on top—that really takes the cake (超乎想象,坏到极点). You guys need some imagination.

My people know it. From generation to generation, we pass along the lore about the distortions in the world borne by the Mega Evolution mechanism. And about the existence of another world, which we have long observed to be just like this one and yet not the same... That's right. A Hoenn region that's almost exactly like this one we live in. Filled with Pokémon and people like us. A world where maybe the evolution of Pokémon took a slightly different path, where Mega Evolution is unknown... A world where that war 3,000 years ago...never happened. A world where the ultimate weapon was never even built. And in that Hoenn of that world... What would happen if one day, out of the blue, a meteoroid appeared? What would happen to the people of that world, without the technology to destroy the meteoroid or the power to warp it away? ... Looks like it's beyond the power of your imagination.

Now we can do it: The summoning. We will summon Rayquaza! Well then, looks like my job here is done. So don't mind me while I excuse myself. Oh. <player>? I really hope you'll come chasing after me, you know? We'll be heading to that ancient tower, sealed since primal times, the Sky Pillar. If you don't know what that is, well, ask that former Champ of yours. He'll know what I'm talking about. See you there!

Ancient Hoenn Tales

Thousands of years ago, in the primal age long lost, the world was overflowing with natural energy. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre fought over that energy in endless, furious clashes.

In the face of Primal Groudon and Kyogre's great power, people could do nothing. The only choice was to watch as disaster upon disaster swept over them. It was in such a time that a great many meteoroids poured from the darkness of space, from a place higher even than the heavens. And the meteoroids fell in their multitude upon a waterfall that had long been home to a tribe of Dragon-type-Pokémon users...

The meteors shone with a rainbow brilliance, as if some great life was held within.

That was when, as if drawn by the brilliance, a Pokémon that shone in a blazing emerald hue descended from the heavens... That Pokémon was none other than Rayquaza. Rayquaza's power overwhelmed that of the two Primal Pokémon, and peace returned to the world. The people of Hoenn revered (vt. 崇敬,尊敬) Rayquaza as a true savior. A thousand years after this time, the meteoroids once again fell. A huge meteoroid, far greater than any before, struck the planet, boring deep into the ocean and leaving behind it a crater larger than any other. The land born of this event later become known as Sootopolis.

The great meteoroid was the first of many disasters to befall humanity. When it punched into the planet, the land cracked beneath it, and a great welling of natural energy poured from beneath Hoenn. Thirsting for that energy, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon once again woke.

The people had a wish—a memory from a thousand years before... They wished that the Legendary Pokémon clad (vi. ...覆盖) in emerald light would appear again. The huge Meteorite that lay at the heart of Sootopolis gave off a boundless brilliance. In its brilliance, it resembled a vast and powerful Key Stone. And once again, Rayquaza descended from whence (adv. 在哪里,引导状从) it came in the heavens. The people fell to their knees before Rayquaza and made a wish for salvation. As they did, a great change came over the Legendary Pokémon. It was enveloped in blinding light. As the light receded (vi. 渐渐远离/远去/变小/减弱), they beheld a Rayquaza beyond all knowledge— a sublime (adj. 崇高的,壮丽的,宏伟的) figure, incandescent (adj. 白炽的,耀眼的) with overwhelming life force. It was humanity's wish that brought about Rayquaza's transformation in the face of the rainbow stone... Yes... A wish... An intangible (adj. 难以形容的;无法度量的;无形的(指资产)) thing, invisible to the eye. Yet this wish bound people and Pokémon together, enabling the Legendary Pokémon to change its appearance... Doesn't it remind you of something? That's right... It sounds like Mega Evolution, doesn't it?

And how did the story end? After being transformed by the wish of the people, did Rayquaza save them from disaster?

Rayquaza once again confronted Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. The golden filaments (n. 细丝) that sprang from its body covered the sky. An emerald brilliance illuminated the area. A terrible wind rose.

The wind and emerald light visibly sapped the power from Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Drained of their primal powers, the two vanished into the depths of land and sea. Rayquaza watched them go, regaining its usual appearance. Then it soared back up into the heavens where it dwelled. A witness to this series of events, a tall visitor from a distant land, said, “It is the Δ (Delta), born of the great disturbances (n. 失调,紊乱) in this world. By the bonds born of mankind's wish and the power of the stones, it will calm the troubles that plague the world.” That was when the Draconids constructed their great tower, to hold the rainbow stone that had granted Rayquaza its power, and to try to get a little bit closer to Rayquaza in the heavens above. To record the history of their trials and the great feats (n. 技艺,武艺;英勇事迹) of mighty Rayquaza for all to know, they left behind the murals you see here.

A thousand years of peace followed after that disastrous time. But the Draconid people, learning from their long history's cyclical (adj. 循环的,周期的) nature, foretold that the meteoroids would fall on this land again. The meteoroid to come, they prophesized, would be far greater than those that had come before it. This meteoroid would be great enough to break the world forever...

In order to prevent this great calamity, those who held the knowledge of the past arrived at a plan. Their plan was to invoke Rayquaza, the great savior, and summon it to this land before the meteoroid could strike.

And that's it. That's the end of our... of the Draconids' tale. I spent a long time thinking about how I could protect the happiness of as many people as possible. What I must do, as one who holds both the knowledge and the power... One who bears the heavy wishes of those who could not...live up to that fate... Well, I had to be really creative, you know?


... See that, Aster? You always wanted to watch them, right? The Litleonids. A million glittering stars falling from the sky... The show is about to start.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always turned my eyes up to the sky. When I was so full of uncertainty that I felt my heart might be crushed by it... When I was so grief-stricken and alone I thought my heart might break of it... I turned and looked up there... so that my tears would never, ever fall. What about you? Have you ever had to do something like that?

... I used to watch the stars like this all the time... Together with Aster. We were always together. In good times and in bad. I loved her. I loved her with everything I had... But I still lost her.
I want to see her...
I want to be with her again...
My sweet Aster...
I will, won't I?
With this...
Just a little longer...
Guess I should say good morning?
You slept well, didn't you?
You look so adorable when you sleep. Sorry about the knocking-you-out thing.

thirst/aspire for … 渴望…

give off … 释放(光,热,气体)… SYN. emit

soar vi. 急升;高飞,翱翔 SYN. surge OPP. plunge

reside, dwell vi. 居住

accommodate/put up … 给…提供住宿

– Natural Harmonia Gropius (N)

src = 'https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/N/Quotes'

They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris wheels. The circular motion… The mechanics… They're like collections of elegant formulas.

If your conviction (n. 坚信,深信;判罪,定罪) is not strong enough, you will never be able to defeat me.

I told Ghetsis about you and your friends. After I did, he apparently used the Shadow Triad to find out about you. Cheren is pursuing the ideal of strength. Poor Bianca has faced the sad truth that not everyone can become stronger. And you are not swayed (vi. 摇摆) either way--more of a neutral presence. Which is apparently a good thing. Team Plasma will be waiting for you ahead. Ghetsis wants to see what kind of Pokémon Trainer you really are.

I will show you that my love for my friends permeates (vt. 渗透) every cell of my body. Behold!

Professor Juniper, what are you thinking? You appear to have no qualms (n. 顾虑,不安) about the relationship between Pokémon and people. You put Pokémon into categories using arbitrary rules and think you can understand them like that... The very idea of a Pokédex revolts (vt. 使厌恶;反抗;起义) me. What do you have to say for yourself?

Zekrom and Reshiram… They were once one life. One Pokémon. Complete opposites, yet the same. Zekrom and Reshiram are Pokémon that appear before the hero they recognize. Ah… I see. You really are a hero, too. I'll tell you what that Pokémon is saying to you. "I want to battle with you. Try to make me your friend and ally." It plans to test you to see if you are really pursuing truthB/idealsW. I, also, am curious to see how powerful you are. Now, catch ReshiramB/ZekromW and make it your ally!

Two heroes living at the same time— one that pursues truthB/idealsW and one that pursues idealsB/truthW. Could… CouldB/Could…couldW they both be right? I don't know. It's not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction. This is truly the formula for changing the world.

On N's Departure

It's about when I first met you in Accumula Town. I was shocked when I heard what your Pokémon was saying. I was shocked because that Pokémon said it liked you. It said it wanted to be with you.

I couldn't understand it. I couldn't believe there were Pokémon that liked people. Because, up until that moment, I'd never known a Pokémon like that. The longer my journey continued, the more unsure I became. All I kept meeting were Pokémon and people who communicated with one another and helped one another. That was why I needed to confirm my beliefs by battling with you. I wanted to confront you hero-to-hero. I needed that more than anything.

There's no way a person like me, someone who understands only Pokémon— No, actually… I didn't understand them, either. No way could I measure up to (符合,一致) you, when you had met so many Pokémon and were surrounded by friends…

符合,一致: be consistent/coherent/in tune with …, measure up to …


It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.
Because of the way it floats aimlessly, an old folktale calls it a "Signpost for Wandering Spirits."
Perhaps seeking company, it approaches children. (quote: kawaii~) However, it often quickly runs away again when the children play too roughly with it.
The gathering of many souls gave rise to this Pokémon. During humid seasons, they seem to appear in abundance.


A little learning is a dangerous thing.



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