Waterloo Bridge



– What do dancers eat?

– Oh, dull things mostly. Nutritious yet not fattening.

– Oh, no, not tonight.

– What could you suggest that would be particularly rich and indigestible? (to the waiter)


– Ah, the ballet was beautiful.

-Madame didn’t think so.

– Well, experts never know. It takes outsiders to know. And I tell you it was beautiful.

– That certainly proves you’re an outsider.


– Do people have to kill each other to give them a heightened life?

– That’s got nothing to do with people killing each other.

Either you’re excited about life or you’re not.

You know, I’ve never been able to wait for the future.

When I was young, a child in fact,

I climbed to the top of a high tree stood like a diver,

and announced to my horified governess:

“Now I shall take a leap into the future”, and jumped.

I was in the hospital for 2 months.

– You should let the future catch up with you more slowly.


– Uncle, I’ve been more than generous, leaving you so long with Myra. Longer would be foolhardy.

– Yes, Roy. You’d better take her away before she discovers that I’m the better man.

I knew I wouldn’t sleep so I’ve been in the garden confiding my luck to the stars. (Roy)

Goodbye, little sentimentalist. (Roy)


A little learning is a dangerous thing.



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