英语课 Presentation 稿子,老师的任务罢了。


Lately, the ECUST incident re-ignited the ceaseless debate over equality of human rights for both sexes, and meanwhile, the responsibilities of college and college education.

In this incident, the girl named Yin Qinghong publicly taunted and criticized the male-student who “intentionally occupied” her seat on the school Biaobaiqiang. (表白墙) And as an emblem of her (or the learned Chinese women’s) generosity, she gave back the boy’s charging line through this channel.

But, what was concealed from the public, is that Yin stole the boy’s Air-pods “by accident”, after which was unveiled by the monitor, she short-circuited that Bluetooth device with water to bury the truth.

Any rational human would think, that Yin shall be put under the penalty of law and apologize for her manifest misconduct. But the reality is always ironic. The justice again was absent and Yin was free of punishment. Moreover, the ECUST authorities negated the whole incident and prohibited students from discussion.

What gives rise to the result of this incident, along with many similar events happening this year (the BNU one likewise)? We cannot help thinking about that.


We can assert that, this incident is anything less than a coincidence. Seeing that huge multitude of male “predecessors” who fall victim in the face of such conflicts, how can we simply ignore this and act as if an ostrich?

We will talk about what contributes to the phenomenon at first:

Out-dated and Conventional Assumptions

From a very young age, boys were taught to treat girls with courtesy and gentleness, in that they are fragile and weaker. But it gradually becomes a female privilege and puts the male at a disadvantage. We men can shoulder more when it comes to labor-extensive works for the women without complaints, but do those who tease us as “normal and confident” (普信) really deserve that?

In fact, that assumption itself is totally false. It is based upon the old days’ emphasis on physical strength, rather than today’s on intelligence and knowledge, in which fields the female are not necessarily weaker than the male, but promisingly better.

Times Changing-in-Course

Besides, the younger generation are denied proper cognition of the sexes. They are lacking in the common senses and various fundamental things. Several factors are involved.

Firstly, we are often the only child of our families having no siblings, for which reason we cannot empathize well with the opposite sex. And this may be alleviated to some degree after the lifts of the children number limits.

Secondly, born in an era when real connections are fading away, cyberspace expanding dramatically, we have less and less opportunities to get to learn the opposite sex.

Thirdly, we are forced to be separate from the opposite sex in school. Against the natural rule, the male and the female live like two different creatures. Any  communication, even the slightest, is very likely to be mistaken for love affairs by both teachers and classmates. To get rid of those troubles and avoid the slides in academical performances, we regard that sort of communication as “taboo”.

Look into WHY?

Another important matter, is why the gender contradictions seem that acute these days. For this part, we interviewed some students randomly to chase the correct answer.

Shiloh Kang, 19, researching Electronic Engineering in SEU said that, “when it comes to gender issues, most of us the college students, are likely to over-react. Like publishing some offensive posts and making some negative comments. But the situation undoubtedly  is not that case. What we hear and what we see is just the side-effects of Internet”. Rhypho Lu who majors in Telecommunication in XDU also aired his comments, “Someone who stands the perspective of the girl student may say that, it’s a social common sense that someone who is week should be protected and cared more. But what I want to say is that, they subconsciously classify female into the disadvantaged group, and the notion itself is feeble and reflects their self-inferiority deep in their mind. And actually, I think what we really should care about is ‘authority’——the evil hand behind the issue. What I mean is that, maybe most of us care too much about gender issue, and ignore about the ingredient of power in it. In my opinion, this issue is more about unfair interpersonal relationship than gender issue. But the topic itself is kind of politically sensitive, and the truth is impossible to be dug out. Well, it’s hard to explain too clearly and there are those who don’t want us to explain too clearly”.

Well, I can extract something essential from what we think:

  • When we talk about the dramatic escalation of gender conflicts, we truly are scratching the surface. What we see can be a mirage faked by the Internet.
  • Those women who madly throwing their unseen fists are mentally independent. They are rampant because their deeds have nearly zero cost, brutal because they always achieve their goals, and everywhere because someone is driving them to do so.
  • The authorities retreat from what they are supposed to do – constrain and punish the crazy feminists.
  • We men cannot unite as one and fight back against this phenomenon.


Undoubtedly, our initial intention to earn equality finally results in an inequality, and situations will worsen without anything being done.

Oppressive methods conducted by the ECUST authorities can never mend our old paths, but just judgement surely can. We also must be cautious to not be utilized by those who harbor some nasty plots to sharpen the gender contradictions.

By and large, we can safely conclude that, Yin’s feminist conducts admittedly abuse the so-called female privileges and the ECUST authorities betray the primitive principles to cultivate moral, cultured, and competent people. I must say, this is not a thing too micro to cause ripples, but can strike a clear reflection of a greater picture of the current society. And the Internet feminists, pose a big threat to the stability of cyberspace, or even the real world.


A little learning is a dangerous thing.


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